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Saying “Thanks” Has Its Perks: 3 People For Whom We Need To Show Our Appreciation

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A post today on Fast Company‘s website discusses the perks of uttering an oft-underused phrase: Thank you. The author, not-for-profit CEO Nancy Lublin, explains that saying “Thanks!” doesn’t just benefit our manners or our moods — it also makes our companies more profitable. She gives us three people we should remember to thank daily: Our interns, our lawyers, and the silent forces that make our workplaces function (the mail sorter, the UPS worker, and the repair man). We’ve got a three more people we’d like to thank, especially now that Thanksgiving is just around the corner:

1. Our apartment building neighbors, for never closing (let alone locking) the building’s main door. Without you, fellow tenants, every time we forgot our keys (which is more often than we’d like to admit), we’d have to spend hours waiting out in the cold for our super. Thanks to you, I have easy access to our heated hallways. Just like the burglars.

2. The man who takes our order at our favorite Thai place, for always remembering our addresses and our preferences. If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t remember that we’ve had Pad Thai three times this week and therefore need to go to the gym. Nor would we have started going to book club, since you always remind us that we only need enough spring rolls for one person. You’re basically our life coach. Thanks.

3. The people on public transit who sing to themselves, for making us feel sane. Maybe you forget that you’re in a public place, so you start to sing along to your iPod. Or maybe you think that you’re doing us a favor — someday people might pay good money to hear you belt Single Ladies. But you make us remember, deep in our hearts, that no matter how unraveled we feel, we will never, ever sing on a bus. Thank you so much for that comfort.

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