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Say It Ain’t So: Red Bull Makes Us Better Drivers?

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Say It Ain t So  Red Bull Makes Us Better Drivers  Red Bull 200x200 jpgIt’s no secret that we’re not fans of energy drinks — even the ones that claim to be all-natural. So you can imagine the mix of emotions we felt when we read that Red Bull dramatically improves your driving ability for longer car rides. Researchers in Sweden found that subjects who drank Red Bull had increased alertness, and were better at driving straight and maintaining a steady speed compared to subjects who didn’t have any Red Bull. In fact, the gap between the Red Bull-caffeinated drivers and the control group was as if the control group had consumed enough alcohol to be over the legal European limit (.05%).

So, given the number of accidents that are caused every year by drowsy drivers, it may be smart to have a Red Bull before a long drive. But we’d like to see the same study done with coffee, because we try to avoid drinking things that are neon and glowing.

via Reuters