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Save Time & Sanity Skip Black Friday

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Sanity is a good thing to keep intact, and one November strategy is to skip the overcrowded, stressful, irrational day we call Black Friday. Black Friday in my opinion is not THAT big a deal. I normally skip it because of the consumer issues; seriously, most of us get that day off so why not spend it on time with your loved ones vs. standing in lines at store. But even if you don't frown on the over-consumption issues related to Black Friday, there are still good reasons to let it go. Skipping it can also save you time and yes, even money.

buy nothing day

Black Friday is typically a hugely crowded shopping day, not only does this waste, not save time, but you also waste gas searching for parking and may be much more prone to impulse buys. Stores lure you in with the promise of 10 special items on sale, but by the time you get there the items may well be gone. Spend the day relaxing with the family, then save money on your holiday shopping with other, better, more sanity saving tactics, such as…

Sign up for special deals – many online stores offer many special holiday savings, but you need to sign up for their newsletters ad special offer emails.

Comparison shop online – you can easily compare prices and shop around for the best deal online, without the crowds, without the driving, without the bad weather and without the cranky salespeople. Look for deals on shipping though, not all sites offer free shipping, and so it pays to look around.

Wait – Black Friday may seem like a super good deal, but many stores have bigger and better sales closer to the actual holidays. Personally I'm not a last minute type of shopper, but if you're ok with that, you can save a lot by simply holding off until the second to last week before Christmas.

Don't wait – in a tactic related to the above, with a twist, shop before Black Friday. Prices will be a little (ONLY a little) more but good luck trying to find hot ticket items after Black Friday. According to Smart Money, retailers are stocking less goods this year, so seriously weigh saving a couple of bucks with maybe not getting the gift of your choice.

Spend the day making homemade holiday gifts – you get to spend time with your family and save a ton of cash in the process. If you need some tips about the best gifts to make visit the following links…

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