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Saturday Surfing December 12

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I am so unprepared this year it is awful! I don't know about you but Christmas has sped toward me like a train on an icy downhill slope. I have exactly three items bought for Christmas and not one menu item planned and my checkbook looks similar to a black hole. It is a good thing I believe in Christmas Miracles AND Christmas Magic!

bells3And this right here is one of the numerous reasons I will not give up, give in, or give out to a lousy attitude, empty wallet, or pure D. exhaustion. This is my almost 9  month old grandaughter, Bells. Short for Isabella Jordan.

I am determined to pick up the pace this next week. I have been falling behind in posts and articles and my house looks like  a tornado hit it AFTER a tsumnami and a hurricane blew through. Seriously.

So where are you and how are you in your Christmas preparations? Whatever point you are at you need to stop, take a deep breath and remember what Christmas really is all about.


Ready for some blogsurfing?

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thats it for this week! I am in just under the wire. It is still Saturday in Texas, folks.

image: Erin Audet Myers, collection of Marye Audet