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The tree outside my bedroom window, the one that HASN'T fallen down from wind, flood, or snow, has tiny pinkish leaf buds on it. Could it be true? Is spring on its way?

Dang, I hope so. I am tired of cold weather, ready for warmth and summer and sitting on the porch. Excuse me,┬á sitting on the veranda. January might be the first of the year but I have always felt that spring was. It seems more natural a beginning to me. I am excited about my new life, the opportunities that are popping up everywhere, and finally (I hope) getting my kitchen finished this year. With the new book deal (Complete Idiot's Guides… to be published for Mother's Day 2011 – cookbook ) I should have enough to do the restoration/remodel on the kitchen. YAY!

In case you hadn't heard, my divorce was final this past week and I got engaged. Yeah. I know, right? See, thing is that sometimes when you are determined to be friends and take things slow your heart has other ideas. So, despite our best attempts at just being friends we knew that we would be discussing long term plans as soon as the divorce was final.

Thing is? I didn't know HOW soon. I was walking out of the courtroom and was in the vestibule when Marc (the new Marc not the old Marc..don't get confused) swung me around and pushed me up against the wall away from the door. I thought someone had pulled a gun in the courtroom and he was protecting me. In one swift motion he was on his knees in front of me asking me to marry him.

Dang. The man is good.

No concrete date set yet. I think we are going to take off for Eureka Springs. There is an old hotel there and we will get married there, spend a couple of days and then come home. We will have a large reception in Dallas at some point… I would like my son who is in Japan to be there. We'll see. I had always thought that I would renew my vows (it would have been 30 years this year) at my church which is beautiful. Then I thought maybe that the wedding could be there…but it was made clear to me that that would not happen. I was kind of sad because I didn't have a church wedding the first time and I kinda wanted the Cinderella experience this time. However, I am thinking that I will do a very elegant reception, maybe at the Melrose, which is a Victorian Hotel in Dallas and one of my favorites.

Anyway…I will let you know about that as it unfolds. ­čÖé

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