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Can you believe that we are looking at the LAST weekend of July? I know, it is so crazy. Sometimes I feel like I am in a train watching the scenery go by in a blur.More an more I am using my vintage dishes and getting comfort from these things that have been a part of my life since I was a child.  The value in family heirlooms is not so much monetary as it is knowing that Mom used this item or that item. Using it myself brings back memories stacked on memories


The house is quiet this morning with just the soft whrrrr of the ceiling fans and the sounds of the cicadas outside. The kids are murmuring in another room–THEY were  up all night literally, having a sleepover. Silly thing to call a group of kids getting together at night, isn't it? More like an awake over. Anyway, Matt finally got his 17th birthday party (his birthday was July 11) so he and Ethan, and several friends spent the night in the den with numerous electric guitars, acoustic guitars, etc. Have I mentioned that my bedroom is almost directly over the den?

So I believe that they created songs, Shiloh stayed up too and a couple of the guys created songs about her…All in all they had a great time..and the house is…quiet.

I am still waiting on the VA to decide how and when they are going to handle my thyroid issues. Silly me. Thought when we talked surgery it was decided. UPDATE: AS I was writing this I got a call from the VA…on Saturday mind you…

“Mrs. Audet? You are scheduled for your physical on Tuesday July 28. Your surgery will be August 6. Report to Day Surgery at 6:am.”


So..in the space of an hour…I have found out I have a little over a week to completely schedule the month of August. Yay. 🙂

As I sit in my very messy kitchen this morning I can see up the gravel driveway. It is a long driveway and dappled with sunlight. There is something comforting to me about seeing it, the closest I have to a country dirt road at this point in my life.  I am thinking that in a month it will be the end of August, and we will be gearing up for my favorite two seasons, and wondering what the autumn will bring.

So…that behind us..are you ready to check out some cool stuff?


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