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Saturday Surfing

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tea sets

Another week of websurfing…seems to me things get stranger and stranger…

Look what Gayla found..this is serious cuteness right here…Whistling Duck Tea Kettle

Need more caffeine in you diet? 7 Caffeinated trends ….

Vote for the next Jelly Belly flavor…..Thai Iced Tea anyone?

If you smoke just be sure to drink your coffee….the coffee reduces the risk of stroke in smokers.

I don't think so….Espresso Jello Cubes..

13 More Uses for Coffee (you mean drinking it isn't enough?)

In Canada? Never be desperate for coffee again. Time Hortons Coffee locator..by Iphone…Apparently a large number of men are choosing a comforting cup of tea over a wild night of sex..too much soy milk? Or just really good tea?

More uses for tea from Reader's Digest

Have a great week!