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Saturday Blogsurfing for September 12

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The sun is just coming up amidst the occasional splatter of rain on the roof outside my window. I can hear the rooster, still locked in the coop, crowing for attention. My fan hums and there is a cardinal somewhere nearby …”chip chip chip”. Everything is soggy and the weatherman promises it will get soggier as the weekend proceeds.

My kind of day.

I woke up wrestling with my fears and doubts, and second guess decisions I have made. I despise that. I believe with all my heart that my life is in God's hands and He knows what He is doing…at least most of the time. There are hard seasons and easy seasons . Nothing is permanent. The tough stuff is sure to turn around eventually, right?


Autumn is here in the oddest way this year, speaking of seasons. The weather has been cooler than normal, rainier than normal, and more autumny than normal. I have trouble believing that once again we are heading toward the end of the year. I am hoping to be able to drive again this week. It isn't that I can't…It is that the surgery has taken away so much of my energy that I get exhausted easily. I know I owe several of you cookbooks from the giveaway as well as some of you cookbooks to review. It will happen. I promise!

What are your favorite flavors of autumn? Apple?  Pumpkin? Spice? Maple? I always thought it was funny that maple is considered an autumn flavor when it is a spring item!

I am focusing on the flavors of autumn, today. What are you baking this weekend? Here are some great ideas!


Megan made Martha's Apple Challah Bread and I keep thinking french toast…this one goes on my to do list.

Lori promised on twitter last night that she was posting Pumpkin French Toast for today and when I got to her blog, bleary eyed, this morning she really had!

This isn't autumn (per se) but so brilliant that I couldn't leave it out. Joy made faux croissants au chocolat.…I am hoping that means that the calories are also false…

Is there anything more autumn-y than pumpkin bread? Leslie apparently doesn't think so…

(you know…when you are upstairs writing and the aroma of burnt sugar begins wafting up the stairs..you gotta go check it out, right? BRB…) (Back…Sean, who is 10, decided to make pancake syrup. He had seen me do it a hundred million times. But…he forgot the water. AND he made it in the microwave.)

Kelly made apple bacon fritters with bourbon maple glaze. These aren't the delicate Pennsylvania style fritters that I am used to by the way. These are the chunky, addictive, donut shop kind. They look amazing and I am pretty sure I could smell them from across the lake when she made them.

I wanted to add a couple of my own favorites from here on Baking Delights. Blatant self promotion? Sure thing.

Autumn Menu

Roast Hubbard Squash and Apple Soup with Cinnamon Chipotle Swirl would be great as a first course. Rich and sweet with a little tartness from the apple and then smoky-slightly spicy at the finish. Full of autumn flavor.

Panko Breaded Chicken with Maple Chipotle Glaze were a big hit. The crunchy panko breading, the tender chicken and the sweet -smoky-spicy maple glaze all came together to create magic for me.

Roast Beets Turnips and Onions or a simple salad

Pain d'Automne de Provence has cranberries, walnuts and lots of hearty fall flavor. A little lavender honey butter would be amazing here…

and finish it with a Cappuccino Pound cake with a cup of coffee…

The blogsurfing logo was created for me byCori. I don't always attribute it to her but if you have not read her amazing, sweet, and refreshing blog, Brambleberry Cottage then you just really should.

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