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Saturday BlogSurfing… First Surf of 2010!

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How was your New Year? Mine was quiet and yet comfortable, and one I could get used to. New Years Day was just relaxing..and I needed that. I have not yet totally reflected on 2009 and the various stuff that happened. I am going to schedule time this week to be alone, sort through, grieve, and move on. Once that is out of the way then I can do some planning, followed by copious organizing and cleaning.

A Rare Texas Blizzard

A Rare Texas Blizzard

I want my life back!

I went to see Did You Hear About the Morgans? yesterday. Totally hysterical movie, I loved it. How was your New Years, then? Relaxing? Exciting? Boring?  🙂

Ready to surf?


Here are todays waves. Pick a good one and surf!

Don't forget to keep an eye on Baking Delights FLickr group. There are some great images and ideas there. Upload yours and show them off as well!

Image: marye audet