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Saturday Blogsurfing

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Do the weeks go by as fast for you as they do for me?

I cannot believe that is it the first of May.  We have had odd weather this year, and I have been too distracted to get a garden put in.  I am going to be so sad in a few months when everyone is eating their homegrown tomatoes!  It can't be helped, I am just overwhelmed with everything there is to do.

I guess I have been looking closely at my life, how I spend my time, and what I am missing out on.  When Marc first got sick it I had to go into survival mode but here we are two years later and he is on his own feet, no crutches, mountain biking when he can, and has been steadily cutting back on his medications.  This means that he is also able to work a bit more.  Somehow I did not get the memo that I could step out of survival mode and back into life…

Are you ready for Saturday Surfing?  I am!


Some amazing stuff today-

Kelly, at Evil Shenanigans is giving away a stackable cooling rack AND has a recipe up for Chocolate Chip Overload Cookies. I had the great luck to meet Kelly the other night and we had a blast.  She inspired my daughter, Erin, so much that Erin is in the midst of starting her own cooking blog…more about that when it is up and running.

I used to make croissants regularly but somehow the habit has gotten away from me.  Ashley, at eat me delicious, made some beautiful croissants and the recipe is very similar to the one I used way back when.

Taste and Tell has a recipe for Red Velvet Whoopie Pies..yum.

I used to love making s'mores over a campfire. Yum. Chocolate, marshmallow, graham, what's not to like?  Bittersweet creates a vegan marshmallow s'mores panini. Sounds like lunch to me!

Lemon Pi is a recently discovered favorite of mine.  Her images are gallery ready and recipes are always unique and wonderful.  Case in point?  This Pineapple and chamomile custard tar with lemon verbena cream.

Amazon has a 48 hours cooking sale. They have a Kitchenaide Pro for 319.00! Check it out..quick.

Don't forget to submit to the Baking Delights Flickr group..there are some fantastic images there!

Now…I am going to cut surfing short for a moment to chat. I count you all among my friends and as most of you know the last two years have been amazingly difficult ones.  They have intensified in the past couple of months and it seems that everything in my life has been tested by fire, including Marc and my marriage.  Well we are working on that and as we have always said, we are committed to eachother…for better or worse.  Many of you have prayed for us and I appreciate it!

Now I am facing another challenge.  About a month ago the doctors at the VA found seven tumors and two cysts in my thyroid.  I had suspected thyroid problems for sometime due to my inability to lose weight after Kyrie was born, even on a 1,000 calorie a day diet and 12 hours a week sweating in the gym.

For the past month I have had to be on a difficult diet in preparation for a radioactive dye scan that the VA will be doing on May 5 and May 6.  It has been incredibly difficult to blog and not taste!

The doctors are wanting to see if the tumors are benign or cancerous and if they are, what direction we will take.  I believe with all of my heart that whatever the outcome of the tests that God is in complete control and I am safe in His love.  Hopefully, whatever the outcome they can get things resolved so my weight and energy can go back to normal and I can get on with living.

I know..I don't preach much..and I don't intend to start now..but I need for you, my friends and readers, to be praying / sending good vibes.  I need the support. And..I need to explain why I am not posting such massively great recipes.  To say that I am distracted is an understatement.

So, as always, thank you so much for reading, for commenting, for being the really cool people that you are.  I am blessed.

Image: Cori G.