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Sasha and Malia Dolls Made More Popular By Controversy

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Ty Toys created Sasha and Malia dolls, and when Mrs. Obama told the company it was inappropriate to name the dolls after her daughters Ty claimed the names were just a coincidence. Ty said they did not intentionally name the dolls after President Obama’s daughters. Soon after the dolls were retired by Ty and renamed. The dolls are now called "Marvelous Mariah" and "Sweet Sydney."

Now the dolls with the original Sasha and Malia name tags are a hot commodity on eBay. The dolls are reportedly selling for thousands of dollars a pair. Savvy collectors snapped up any dolls they could find in retail stores, and are now reselling them on eBay and sales in the thousands of dollars for the pair.

Would you pay over a thousand dollars for a Sasha or Malia doll?

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