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Sarah Palin’s America By Heart: Feminists, Beware

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Sarah Palin s America by Heart  Feminists  Beware america by heart 392x600 jpgWe’re sure you were in line at Barnes and Noble at 7:00 a.m. yesterday so you could get your very own copy of Sarah Palin’s latest masterpiece, America by Heart. No? Great, you aren’t nuts. But we know that you have a perverse desire to see what kind of backwards gems are hidden within the book’s patriotic pages. So, to save you the trouble of putting a paper bag over your head and flipping through the pages at your local book store, Slate’s Jessica Grose read it so you don’t have to. According to her, it’s safe to say that America by Heart won’t become a feminist classic any time soon:

If Gloria Steinem really was once Palin’s idol, she sure ain’t anymore. Palin uses an entire chapter of her new book, America By Heart, to diss liberal feminists, past and present. She insults Betty Friedan twice; she says that in 1992 Hillary Clinton seemed “frozen in an attitude of 1960s-era bra-burning militancy”; she calls her allegedly beloved Steinem out for saying that “no woman who believes abortion is wrong can call herself a feminist”; and finally, she claims that fewer women call themselves feminists these days because “somewhere along the line feminism went from being pro-woman to effectively anti-woman.” All the while she trots out, and then repeats, some fun old stereotypes of liberal feminists: They emphasize women as victims because they’re obsessed with rape and domestic violence, they are disdainful of “the joys and fulfillment we find in motherhood.”

But wait, there’s more. Head to Slate’s Double X to read the rest of Grose’s take on America by Heart (including Palin’s grudge against Murphy Brown).