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Sara Moulton Leaves The Food Network

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Sara Moulton

  I received an email asking me if I had heard that Sara Moulton was leaving the Food Network.  Rumors are that they are dumping Sara because they want to focus on the entertainment value of shows rather then educating their viewers (I don't understand why they can't do both).  I checked out her website…nothing. When I tried to check on the TV listings for the Food Network in the Fall…no listings for any show and no mention of “out with the old”.

After some browsing throughout the good ole' world-wide-web, I found an article on Slashfood.com back from December of 2005.  Even though we are currently seeing her during the week with Sara's Secrets, they have filmed the last episodes and in the Fall, it is fact that Sara Moulton will no longer be a part of the Food Network Family. This may end up being one dysfunctional family. 

I do not know how much of Food Finds, Unwrapped, The History of…, Road Tasted…need I go on…I can take.  Yes, I enjoy watching them, but I do not need 20 shows of the same thing.  Now I understand why Bobby Flay and Alton Brown have developed past there cooking shows…survival.

I admit, Sara Moulton, is not really the most exciting person to watch on television, but at least she was informative and goodness…taught you how to cook.  I mean…really….they keep can't cook, my recipes taste like crap Sandra Lee and banish Sara Moulton to PBS???

So, what are your feelings on the loss of Sara Moulton?

If you think you are going to need a Sara Moulton fix she will be doing a PBS show out of Boston, so check your PBS listings to see if her show will be available in your area.