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Sandra Fluke Shames Republicans At DNC Over Women’s Rights And Birth Control

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The women at the Democratic National Convention are quite simply kicking ass this week. First we had Nancy Keenan and Michelle Obama speaking on women's reproductive rights (something the Republicans were too cowardly to do). Then last night we watched Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood, give a moving speech about our bodies and our rights. And perhaps, the you-go-girl award of the week goes to Sandra Fluke for shaming Republicans for trying to silence her over birth control.

Fluke began by talking about the congressional hearing where Republicans tried to silence her and her right to discuss birth control:

Some of you may remember that earlier this year, Republicans tried to shut me out of a hearing on contraception. In fact, on that panel, they didn't hear from a single woman.

The Georgetown University grad student went on to say that too many women are shut out of these important decisions. Obama and Romney will lead us into “two profoundly different futures,” she said. With a future under Romney being “offensive and obsolete” who won't stand up for a women facing “hateful slurs” and where states “humiliate women.” In short, birth control would be controlled by people (men) who never use it.

Under Obama, Fluke said, women would be able to determine what happens with their own bodies. When a woman is verbally attacked, Obama stands by her and thinks of his own daughters, not donors or delegates. And instead of trying to silence her, he invites her to the Democratic National Convention. “That's the difference,” she said.

As expected, the Twittersphere went crazy after Fluke's in-your-face speech.

@kailijoy commented:

Look at all those people on their feet for Sandra Fluke. Chris Christie had to beg for that.

@politicoroger tweeted:

Sandra Fluke in prime time! Take that, Rush!

Fluke tweeted back:

THANK YOU for such a warm welcome! But thank you more for standing for #women!

Of course, not everyone was applauding for Fluke after last night.

‏@giannajessen tweeted:

sandra fluke, i am a woman, and i am not silenced, nor a victim. you're the only kind of woman who tries to silence me. you will never win.

And ‏@ToddKincannon added:

I am woman, hear me whine. Sandra Fluke's speech was the most hateful, strident, angry speech I've ever heard at a political convention. Ever.

Interestingly enough, the Republicans are not the only ones trying to silence Fluke. Both ABC and CBS did not carry her speech live last night. And of course, NBC was too busy airing NFL football.

Tell us what you think of Fluke and her speech!

In case you missed it, here it is:

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