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Sam Gordon, 9-Year-Old Girl, Is New Star Running Back In Boys Football League

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sam gordon girl football player

The Gremlin League–a boys' football league in Salt Lake City–has an impressive new star running back: a nine-year-old girl named Sam Gordon. Many are calling her the new internet sports sensation, partially thanks to a youtube video that outlines her 2012 season highlights (35 scores, 232 carries, 1,911 yards, 8.2 yards per carry, and 65 tackles), and features lots of great footage of the tiny player kicking ass on the field.

It's pretty amazing (even for people like me, who barely understand football), but not just because little kids in huge helmets are on the baby animal level of cute. The girl can actually play (when she isn't speeding past other players, she takes some serious hits for her team), and her achievements are all the more impressive given their context in such a male-dominated, still predominantly sexist sport (and not for wearing lingerie while doing it).

As Blisstree writer Hanna Brooks Olsen recalled from her own experiences, being the only girl on a football team (and one of two in the whole league) isn't always easy. But thanks to girls like Gordon and Erin DiMeglio (Florida's first female star quarterback)–as well as the families, teams and coaches who support them–in can only get easier. Which is a very good thing for girls and the teams who get to benefit from their talent.

Check out the video below; even if you don't like football, I promise Gordon's tiny little legs and giant helmet will make you smile: