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Salux Cloth: The Cheapest, Longest-Lasting Exfoliator You’ll Ever Use

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salux cloth exfoliator

Today, I'm going to tell you why you need to shell out a few bucks for a nylon and polyester washcloth called the Salux cloth. It's a super cheap nylon and polyester cloth available at most Asian-specialty stores and it's the best exfoliator anyone can ever own, at least in my humble opinion.

I can get pretty attached to my skincare items (exhibit A: the comedo extractor I've had for 15 years), and the Salux cloth is no different. I've been using a Salux cloth for about three years and I've loved every shower, every bath and every face wash with it.

This little cloth, which comes from Japan, is the king of exfoliation. It will kick all your sugar scrubs, apricot washes and scratchy loofahs to the curb, I promise. Somehow, the particular texture of this cloth gets my skin softer and smoother than anything else I've ever used in in my life. All those smooth things people compare skin to….butter, silk, satin: YUP.  That's what my skin is like after I use it. And, weirdly, the Salux makes any kind of soap or gel lather up really well.

Seriously, this is the best washcloth ever. It's cheap, portable and it lasts for ages. A cloth lasts six months or longer before you need to get a new one. And at $3 to $6, you can stock up so you'll have Salux for ages. It's also very light and dries almost instantly, so the risks of bacteria growing on it in your shower are pretty low (Or at least that's what I tell myself. You could also treat yours with antibacterial stuff, no biggie.)

The Salux cloth measures 11 x 35, so it's big enough to scrub your whole back. I also use mine to take off my super thick clay face mask. Apparently, it's also good for “cellulite massage,” although I can't say I've ever used it for that. Worth a try, though!

I don't know if the Salux cloth is generally dermatologist-approved or not, although at least one doctor thinks it's a good product. But at the going rate of $3.50 right now on Amazon, it's too cheap not to try, especially since winter (and dry skin) is just a few short weeks away. Buy one, use one, exfoliate away that gross, itchy, flaky cold weather skin.

 Photo: Carrie Murphy