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Salt Shakers Will Join Calorie Counts On NYC Menu Pages, Unfortunately

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When calorie counters on menus became popular at chain restaurants, I was less than thrilled. I mean, I already know that eating out isn’t doing any favors for my physical health. Do they really need to put it on display for everyone else to see?

Apparently, they do. They’re even going to go a step beyond calories and let us know how much salt is in our favorite dishes. Because, yes, you can have too much salt!

A new law came into effect on Tuesday that asks restaurants to display salt warnings on their menus for any dishes with more than 2.3g of salt — which is roughly one teaspoon, or the daily limit many nutritionists recommend.

Right now, the rule only applies to chains which have more than 15 restaurants, and must be implemented by March. So your favorite deli may keep you safe and uneducated about how much salt they hold — at least, for now.

Is salt really so bad?

Well, yeah. A 2010 study found that New Yorkers consume, on average, more than 3.2g of salt every day. Since there’s a, “well-established connection” between sodium intake and high blood pressure (a major risk factor for a heart attack and stroke), and cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in New York City, I guess the answer is more than a yes. In fact, salt is kinda lethal.

New York City’s health commissioner Dr. Mary Bassett says she hopes other cities will adopt similar rules to combat heart disease. I hope that I am not haunted in the future by salt shakers in my foodie dreams.

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