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This Week Was Awful, Here Are Two Perfectly Ridiculous Videos To Raise Your Spirits

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Okay, so we all know this week has been full of awful, terrible, no good, very bad things. But as Patton Oswalt reminded us the other day, it's so incredibly important to keep pushing on with our lives and observing — no, celebrating — the good in the world. “The good,” by the way, also refers to the hilarious. And today, that refers to Ryan Lochte having the most awkward interview ever, shown below.

Amazing, eh? And I honestly have been wondering the same question: will they have enough content to even make a show? Does he do anything besides grin? Will his abs literally steal the show, as they are likely the most intelligent and nimble portion of his body? I'm unsure, but I do know that he should soon befriend the Jersey Shore cast. They can give him excellent tips on how to ignore everyone calling you dumb with accompanied solid examples.

Now, “the good” doesn't just refer to uncomfortably hilarious news clips. In fact, it probably refers even moreso to cats. Namely, cats who enjoy playing with vacuums. I'm sure many of you have already seen this, but you need to watch it again. You just do.

Strikingly similar (in a metaphorical sense…maybe) to the interview with Mr. Lochte! Have a good weekend, Blissers!

Photos: STMC/WENN.com, YouTube.com.