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Shapin’ Up’s Running Playlist To Get You Moving

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If you need a little extra motivation for your next run, here’s a new playlist to get you going; plus some tips on how to take advantage of the beat. Enjoy!

  1. Scream, Usher
  2. Anything Could Happen (Remix), Ellie Goulding
  3. Really Don’t Care, Demi Lovato
  4. Natalie, Bruno Mars
  5. Live it Up, Jennifer Lopez (feat. Pitbull)
  6. Turn me Up, Carley Rae Jepsen
  7. How to Be a Heartbreaker, Glee Cast
  8. Pound the Alarm, Ke$ha
  9. Let the Grove Get In, Justin Timberlake
  10. Feel this Moment, Pitbull (feat. Christina Aguilera)
  11. Continents, Window View

Song 1 is your warm up, go at a nice steady pace and get your legs ready for the workout ahead.

Song 2, pick up the pace slightly at the start of the song, and then steadily gain speed throughout the song, building your quicker pace.

Once you hit song 3, back off a bit and go back to a nice steady pace. Try to pick the pace slightly during the chorus.

Song 4 is your first set of real intervals. Every time the chorus hits, sprint it out (3 times, about 30 seconds each). After each chorus return back to your steady pace.

Song 5 is a quick pace, try to keep a faster pace the entire song.

For song 6 & 7, back off again to your slow steady pace.

Song 8 is your second set of intervals, again at every chorus take off in a sprint (3 times, about 30 seconds each).

Song 9 is your last steady paced song, this is a long one at just over 7 minutes. Take it at a pace that makes you almost out of breath, but not quite.

Song 10 is your last interval song, again 3 times, about 30 seconds each, pick up your pace into a sprint at the chorus.

Finish it out with song 11 as your cool down song, take a slow steady jog until your breathing returns to normal.

Great workout everyone!

(approximate run time: 45 minutes)