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6 Pieces Of Running Gear You Really Don’t Need

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6 Pieces Of Running Gear You Really Don t Need running jpg

When you’re a pretty active runner (or you’re just getting started), it’s easy to get sort of starry-eyed over all the cool toys and swag that are available. But the truth is, one of the most beautiful things about running is how simple it is. And if you’re just running for fun–or even if you compete a little–a lot of the stuff that comes with it just isn’t useful, and can be distracting. Like these pieces of running gear, which, to be honest, you probably don’t need.

Which isn’t to say that these aren’t useful to some people–they definitely are, especially elite athletes for whom running is way more than just a thing they do to blow off steam on the weekends. But for the most part, these extra pieces of running gear are just: Extras. Extras that probably won’t help your performance much at all, but may start to drain your checking account.

Image via lululemon athletica on Flickr