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WAIT. Runner’s World Is Now Giving Running Tips From Dunkin’ Donuts?

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WAIT  Runner s World Is Now Giving Running Tips From Dunkin  Donuts  dunkin donuts runners world 640x359 jpg

Hold the phone. Runner’s World is running a whole package of sponsored content–including 5k and 10k training plans, running tips, and nutrition tips–brought to you by…wait for it…Dunkin’ Donuts.

From the Runner’s World twitter feed today:


I love health content, and I fully realize that one of the major sources of revenue for businesses like Runner’s World (and Blisstree!) is if to work with advertisers and sell content like this. And this is probably terrible, terrible karma that will come back to haunt me one day (especially because, full disclosure: I love donuts, and I especially love eating them with friends after a race). But come ON! There comes a point where working with certain advertisers just makes your whole brand look a little weak, and training plans provided by the athletic experts over at a doughnut shop aren’t even in a grey area; they’re definitely hurting the brand.

I’m sorry, Runner’s World. I’m sorry, donuts. I still love you both. I just can’t not look at this and laugh.

Photo: Dunkin’ Donuts