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5 Runners You Need To Follow On Instagram, In Celebration Of National Running Day

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Happy National Running Day! While today's mini holiday isn't quite as fun as Chocolate Milkshake Day, Napping Day, or my personal favorite, Doughnut Day, it's great that runners are getting a moment of recognition for their dedication and hard work. If you're a jogger, sprinter, power walker, or marathoning badass, this is your chance to shine. To honor some of our favorite runners– and to show you some great bloggers to follow when you need a spurt of motivation– here's a list of five stellar Instagram accounts that celebrate running!


1. Ashruns100s. Ashley Ringo Walsh is an outdoor fitness trainer, an excellent iPhone photographer, and definitely cute enough to motivate you to slip into your spikes. Along with a plethora of post-run selfies, she posts gorgeous photos of the terrain where she works out. Totally worth following.


2. Msprincessleigh. Leigh Marsh combines her love of Disney with her love of sweat, and you'll fall instantly in love with her colorful posts. Not only is she flat-out adorable, but she's living proof that elaborate costumes make exercise all the more fun.


3. Mileposts. Dorothy Beal and her three kids are all the motivation you'll need to get out there and start moving. She models adorable running clothes, she posts fun pictures of her pre-workout meals, and she proves that overworked moms can still be amazing athletes.


4. Runlikeacoyote. Lisa Gonzales is a runner, biker, dessert enthusiast, and cancer survivor. Not only does she refuse to let disease get in her way, but her beautiful photography skills prove that she definitely deserves your follow.


5. Nycrunningmama. Michele Gonzalez is a mom, a marathoner, and an expert motivator. She adorable, she's inspiring, and she always manages to smile for a post-race photo… which in itself is incredible.

Whether you plan to celebrate National Running Day by darting around the track or pounding the treadmill, having these five ladies in your Instagram feed is guaranteed to keep your spirits high. Have a happy holiday, runners!

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