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Royalty Gone Green: Prince William And Kate Middleton’s Potentially Eco-Friendly Palace

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Now that our bids for future Queen of England are officially over, we can start focusing on Prince William and Kate Middleton’s eventual marriage — where they’ll live, for example. Back in 2006, there was a rumor that Prince Charles was busy building an eco-palace for the pair, on the grounds of the Duchy of Cornwall’s Harewood Park Estate.

The 8,500 square foot home would be built according to green building standards, have solar-heated hot water, energy efficient lighting, and a roof made from salvaged slate. The mansion would be heated using a wood chip boiler using wood from the estate, and insulated with wool.

Whether or not the couple actually settles down in the green-leaning mansion (the latest report was that the building was intended for the rental market), we hope that they make their future home as eco-friendly as possible. They’ve got a lot of resources at their disposal, and it would be irresponsible not to. After all, if Princess Diana’s wedding dress was the most copied wedding dress in history, think of the impact a royal compost bin could have.

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