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Royal Baby App Release Reminds All Sane People To Hide Until After Royal Baby Is Born

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Royal Baby App

Obsessed with the royal baby? Us, too! Well, no, not really; we just want to sit at the popular table. But we know lots and lots of people are, so we would like to shift your attention to the Royal Baby App, alternatively known as 2013's Most Ridiculous Technological Addition.

That is correct. There is an app for keeping track of any and all news pertaining to the fetus presently hanging out in Kate Middleton‘s womb. It describes itself as follows:

Welcome to the Royal Baby App, a celebration of Kate and Wills' happy day. Inside you'll be able to download our free special, packed with the first pictures of the new arrival as well as the happy parents. You'll also receive the latest news, Twitter rumours and more – all free. You can also download mini-apps packed with in-depth features, archive photography and the latest galleries of Wills, Kate, royal births through the ages, the happy great-grandparents, Uncle Harry and loads more – as time goes on, we'll keep both our free app and these specials updated with all the latest pictures and video of the new arrival and his/her proud parents. First steps, public appearances, royal visits – you'll get it all!

You'll get it all: photos, news and the ability to pretend you are somehow an integral part of a family who does not know you exist!

Photo: Royal Baby App