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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Thin Frame Shocks Media; Were They Blind In 2011?

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rosie huntington whiteley skinny curvyRosie Huntington-Whiteley was photographed on vacation in Miami with partner Jason Statham recently, and everyone seems to be going crazy because she looks so thin. Which makes me wonder: Was everyone just blind in 2011? The Victoria's Secret model and Transformers star has always been super-thin (just like every other Victoria's Secret model). The only difference I can see between her beach photos and lingerie shots are that she's not wearing a push-up bra and the photo department hasn't smoothed over her protruding hip bones.

Radar Online interviewed a nutritionist who—judging by two photos—thinks Rosie probably weights under 100 pounds:

“She is way underweight for 5’ 9”,” Dr. Majid Ali, who has not treated Rosie, told RadarOnline. “She can’t be more than 100 lbs.”

Although Rosie’s model card says she is a size 4, Dr. Ali says she appears to be much smaller.

“Size 0-1 makes way more sense than a 4,” he said in his expert opinion although he doesn’t think that the British starlet has a serious eating disorder.

And in what has to be the weirdest “expert” comment on someone's appearance, Dr. Ali adds:

“Although underweight, I have to say she doesn’t have that emaciated look as a binge purge person has. But she and salads and two meals a day must be best of friends.”

Then there's the Daily Mail, who was shocked at her “shrinking frame” despite having published questionable nutrition advice from her trainers last September, in their article “Want a body like Rosie Huntington-Whitely? Model's personal trainer reveals how to lose weight fast – with NO diet.” Four months later, they're not so sure they like the results:

She is one of the biggest names in the modelling world right now. But there was barely a curve to behold on Rosie Huntington-Whiteley yesterday as she paraded her shrinking figure around her hotel pool in Miami. The Victoria's Secret model and Transformers star appeared alarmingly slender as she slipped into a minuscule blue and white striped bandeau bikini.

They also feature a photo of her that was taken back in February, with the caption: “Curvier: Rosie pictured back in February 2010 looking healthier for a lingerie shoot.” [tagbox tag=”Victoria's Secret”]

True, her body may be shockingly thin, but like pretty much every other Victoria's Secret model, she always looks that way. Her “curves” mostly come from flattering lingerie and photoshop, but when she's wearing a swimsuit that doesn't push her boobs up to her chin and posing in a way that reveals her ribs, we're confronted with a more realistic picture of what thin models look like. If that makes everyone so uncomfortable, then maybe it's time to stop publishing articles about how to imitate their pre-show deprivation diets and seriously pro-ana “diet tricks.”