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Romola Garai Talks Vaginal Stitches At The BAFTAs; We’re Doing Inadvertent Kegels

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At the BAFTA awards, British actress Romola Garai busted out an anecdote about the 23 (!!!!) stitches she got in her vagina after giving birth to her daughter in March. Too graphic or too funny? You decide.

When presenting the award for “Male Performance in a Comedy Programme,” she said:

“After the recent birth of my child, I had the misfortune of having 23 stitches in my vagina. So I didn't think I'd be laughing at anything for a long time. Tonight's nominees have proved me wrong.”

I'm not really sure whether I think it's awesomely honest that Romola talked about vaginal stitches on stage at an awards show or whether I think it's totally random. I'm leaning towards awesome, though. Even though she made it sound scary (as hell), I also think our society should be more open about birth, both the good aspects and the not-so-good aspects. I mean, she did get 23 stitches in her vagina and she's able to stand up on stage two months later and joke about it, so that must be encouraging news for the ladies who are wincing and doing inadvertent Kegels while reading this post.

Your ladyparts will heal, friends! I promise! I'm a doula, so I have actually seen more than one vagina get stitches. It's not pretty and I'm 100% positive it's painful, but it does heal! You can have sex again and eventually it will not hurt to pee! You might even want to joke about it in front of millions of people, or at least to a few of your close friends!

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