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Rockstar Geneticists

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Dan Rhoads at Migrations was the reason I was talking about rocking the house with genetics in Cory's interview. Dan highlighted David Baltimore as a rockstar scientist and asked who else would qualify.

The obvious genetics rockstars would be Craig Venter, Francis Collins, and James Watson because they're flamboyant, unafraid to break new ground, and frequently in the news bringing attention to the latest in the genome revolution. These three scientists and others like them have the power to influence national and international policy on genetic discrimination, genetic testing, and genetics research.

Other rockstars of genetics include those who work to educate the public about genetics and teachers who guide up-and-coming geneticists in schools and universities. Lately, I've been reading a lot written by Nicholas Wade of The New York Times. Even though he's not a scientist per se, he's still a genetics rockstar in my book for helping to bring genetics to a wider audience. Dr. Harry M. Meade of ATryn fame sounds like he would qualify too.

By my own definition, could I be a genetics rockstar? Rock on!

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