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Not Even Rob Kardashian Can Escape FitPerez’s ‘Wellness’ Snark

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Ugh. FitPerez is bodysnarking Rob Kardashian for gaining 40 lbs in the wake of his breakup with Rita Ora. This just goes to show that not even the male members of that illustrious family are able to escape the relentless body policing of the blogosphere.

The site (without any identifiable bylines, as usual), writes, of Rob,

…he has unfortunately GAINED 40 pounds after their breakup.

Oh no! Unfortunately gained? IN ALL CAPS? Cue the violins, bloggers, because Rob's obviously gone off the deep end.

I've written before about the hypocrisy of a site that's supposed to be focused on “fitness, health, wellness + celebrities” openly commenting on and criticizing the bodies of celebrities. It's pretty par for the course over there, as I wrote about in regards to Selma Blair (someone whose appearance also reportedly changed after a breakup). But it's usually more so directed at women (frequently Rob's sisters Kim and Khloe); this blog post at FitPerez just proves that sleazy bloggers won't leave men out of their snippy, judgmental lenses, either.

I guess it's supposed to be all in good fun or whatever, but call me cranky if I don't think headlines like “Rob Kardashian Gained A LOT Of Weight After Splitting From Rita Ora! OMFG!” aren't really wellness-focused. The site does actually occasionally provide good health information and promote positive attitudes, so I'm even more disappointed when I see FitPerez revert back to the same kinds of needlessly mean, immature commentary that make Perez Hilton himself so famous. It's not 2006 anymore, guys.

I don't know the writers are over there, but I hope one day soon they'll calm down with their LULZ and create a truly fitness and wellness-based site that people can learn from—not just laugh at.

Photo: Rob Kardashian's Instagram