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Man Angry About Rihanna’s Reunion With Violent Asshole Acts Like A Violent Asshole

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Rihanna and Cara Delevingne party together at The Box club

Rihanna and friends leaving The Box in Soho after Rihanna's fashion London Fashion Week show

An unidentified British man is angry at Rihanna for getting back together with Chris Brown. That's understandable — very few people find the situation fulfilling, considering the fact that Brown is a cocky, violent and disturbed guy. What's less reasonable is the manner in which our British man chose to express his displeasure: By screaming and hurling a bottled energy drink at Rihanna as she left a London Fashion Week party.

That's not very reasonable at all. Some might even call that the work of a violent and disturbed man. The situation makes so little sense, in fact, that I'm tempted to think it was set up by Brown's people, to make critics of he and RiRi's budding reunion look bad. But people are also just crazy. And many sure think victim-blaming is swell, too.

The flying bottle of Lucozade, a British energy drink, caused Rihanna to fall and cut her knee on a metal shop grate. Her body guard injured his leg and had to be taken to the hospital.

People are mocking the incident from an ‘all this attention over a scraped knee?' angle. But the issue is not Rihanna's scraped knee. The issue is the common cultural belief that women bring abuse upon themselves, especially if they choose to stay with their abusers. I'm so sick of people being angry at Rihanna getting back together with Brown. Get angry at a music industry and pop culture that venerates violent women-beating assholes, not a 24-year-old girl raised by an abusive father and faced with international super-stardom. I imagine many of us would make pretty weird life choices under those circumstances, too.

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