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Ribbon Storage 101 by Candice Palmer

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My Husband built me my very own ribbon organiser like a rail system and that works for me. What about you? How do you store your ribbons? Don't know how? Why not get ideas from Candice Palmer?


Well, I've always stored it in the baskets pictured here, but it wasn't always so organized. I used to throw everything in together: it was a beautiful mess. Inspired by a link on Wendy Smedley's blog, I reorganized my ribbon onto these cards. Using a cutting mat and rotary cutter, I cut cardboard pieces to fit inside my baskets; then I covered them with kraft packaging paper. I sorted my ribbons by manufacturer, wrapped them around cards, and secured them with pins. Voila! A system that allows me to see every ribbon at the same time, making it super-easy to find a match for any project.


I don't always have time to sort new ribbon right away, so I hang unorganized ribbon from a clip on my project room wall this is another fun way to enjoy my ribbon even when I'm not using it. Editorial board member Elisha Snow stores all of her ribbon this way. She purchased this cute clip system from Pottery Barn. I like it because it's very open and visual, she says. I don't have to rummage through anything to find the ribbon I want. I also like that the clips are removable, so it's easy to add and take away ribbon.


If you prefer to organize by color, then storing your ribbon in jars may be the best option for you. Editorial board member Rebecca Cooper uses this system. I really like my glass-jar system, because I can see what I've got, she says. I don�t have to go digging through all my ribbon to find the right piece for a certain project. I just grab the color jar I need, turn it around, and have a quick glance around to see if anything catches my eye.

Source: Simple Scrapbooks Magazine