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Review: Ferrero Rondnoir

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After last week's Ferrero giveaway and the discovery that they're now making a dark chocolate treat, I've kept my eyes open for them!

I finally found the Ferrero Rondnoir yesterday at Wal-Mart. They were part a large display of Ferrero chocolates near the holiday items and were a pretty reasonable $2.97 for a 12-pack.

I should have stocked up because I'm not sure these things are going to stay on the shelves for very long once people realize how amazing they are!


The wafer shell of the chocolate looks familiar for a Ferrero – chocolate coated with bumpy bits. You really can't mistake these for anything else!


The inside is a very creamy dark chocolate with a dark chocolate “pearl” in the middle — you can kind of see it peeking through in the picture there. It's a slightly firmer little piece of chocolate inside the cream and a very nice little surprise.

The whole thing is very satisfying, from the crunch of the wafer shell to the creamy center to the chocolate pearl. A very delicious chocolate craving pleaser!