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Reverse Diabetes In 1 Week: New Study Says It’s Possible

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Recent news about a strict low calorie diet that can cure diabetes caused stirs, but a new study published in Diabetologia says the disease can not only be reversed through food, it can be done in as little as one week.

Taking their cues from gastric bypass patients whose diabetes subsided immediately following surgery and rapid dietary changes, scientists theorized that the same could hold true for anyone with diabetes. After studying 11 patients, they did indeed discover that a dramatic change in food intake, including a plant-based, low-calorie diet reversed most symptoms of diabetes within one week and all symptoms by eight weeks.

That's more powerful than any drug known to modern science, according to Dr. Mark Hyman, who explained what happened:

The beta cells—the pancreas' insulin producing cells—woke up, and the fat deposits in the pancreas and liver went away. Blood sugars normalized in just one week, triglycerides dropped in half in one week and reduced 10-fold in eight weeks. The body's cells became more insulin sensitive and essentially, in just eight weeks, all evidence of diabetes was gone and the diabetic patients looked just like the normal controls on all the testing.

In a world where diabetes has become an epidemic as quickly as obesity, increasing from 35 million people in 1983 to 350 million today, what if curing this disease could be as simple as lifestyle and dietary changes? Furthermore, doesn't this point to the power of the right foods to prevent and possibly cure even more medical conditions? After all, half of all Americans take at least one prescription medication a day. Think of what this would do to our health–and our insurance costs–if more people were not dependent on drugs.

But Hyman thinks it's going to take more than this to change our thinking:

Unfortunately despite this extraordinary new research, the findings will likely be pushed aside in favor of the latest greatest pill or surgical technique because behavior and lifestyle change is “hard.”

Personally, I would do whatever natural eating and lifestyle changes were necessary to reverse a medical condition versus taking synthetic drugs and living a diseased life. But I want to hear your thoughts. Do you think subscribing to a life of a simple, plant-based, low-calorie diet would be too “hard” or would it be an easy fix?

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