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Relaxing Rose Products To Help You Stop And Smell The Flowers

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American_BeautyRoses, fragrant and beautiful, with their layered petals soft like kitten ears and strong thorns, are among the most beloved of blooms. We have gardens dedicated to them, we send them to in bunches to loved ones to show affection, we paint them, and adorn fabrics with their image. Roses somehow simultaneously evoke feelings of luxury and of homey comfort. Though they're a complete pleasure that would not need any practical value, of course roses are useful beyond their beauty.

A 17th century English botanist and physician called Nicholas Culpeper believed that “red roses strengthen the heart,” and prescribed roses for a number of ailments from tired eyes to skincare. Today, rose oil is considered soothing and balancing in aromatherapy. It's late in the year and we could all use a little healing.

Since we're all stressed out and anxious and busy. Let's use rose's therapeutic property in conjunction with pampering products to chill out.

Here are some Rose products to help us unwind:

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