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Your Boyfriend Is Making You Fat (According To Bogus Research)

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They’re never going to eat all of those apples.

Today in preposterous studies interpreted by The Daily Mail, a post entitled “Getting too comfortable, ladies? Women gain SEVEN pounds in first year of new relationship… while men LOSE four” informs readers that if you’ve gained a capital SEVEN pounds that “the real culprit could be your new boyfriend.” There’s a culprit? Like in a crime? How very titillating.

This study was conducted by online pharmacy UKMedix and the way it was interpreted is a bunch of misogynistic garbage pitting the genders against each other while sensationalizing minor weight fluctuations. The subjects of what can only loosely be described as “research” comprised mostly of men and women who had been in year or longer relationships. They were asked to discuss any changes in weight and their thoughts on what made those changes occur. The Mail did not include any information on sample size and the discussion on methods was very limited.

Let’s go over some of the stats from the very revealing “research”:

16% of women polled say they lost weight, while the majority of women polled claimed they were at their thinnest when they were single and less happy with their lives

A woman needs a man to be happy!

39% of men say they lost an average of 4.1lbs during the first year of a relationship. 

32%claimed their weight remained static

29% said their weight increased.

Men are keeping it tight with their manliness and consistency.

The majority of women claimed that simply being happy was enough to make them pile on the pounds.

This is such a classic misogynistic stereotype: once a woman lands a man, she stops giving a damn what she looks like.

Slightly less than half of the women blamed their new partner and his poor diet for their weight gain.


This implies that women are inherently healthier than men.

Another 24% of women said that moments of unhappiness caused their weight gain.

Now I’m confused, I thought it was the happiness that was making women gleefully stuff themselves full of bonbons?

45% of men who lost weight attributed it to their partner’s healthier approach to food, while another 30% said it was because their new love had put them on a diet.

Oh, the old ball & chain diet! Women are bossy salad-pushers. Don’t they know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?

The women polled also blamed their state of mind for their weight fluctuations

71% agree that “happiness – or lack of it – had a direct impact on their physique.”

Ladies are so emotional.

Only 40% of men said their feelings had an impact on their weight.

Feelings are for pussies. Men don’t eat their feelings.

So, this not-so-groundbreaking survey did nothing but rehash old stereotypes and make coupled-up women fear gaining weight while basically applauding men for not letting themselves go when in love. Attributing a woman’s weight to whether or not she is dating anyone is some archaic nonsense. People’s bodies change–maybe weight gain or weight loss have something to do with romantic status, maybe not.

Surprisingly, some of the comments on the Daily Mail’s post are positive enough to be heartwarming. Their commentariat seem to find this information as useless and anti-woman as I do. They claim that they’re sick of so many fear mongering articles about women gaining weight and that men might just get fatter in a relationship too. Good stuff (for a comments section). For the first time in history, you should read the comments.

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