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Acne Can Affect Anyone (Also: Relatable Star Emma Stone Is Increasingly Relatable)

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Do you ever get frustrated when famous people say that “all they do” to look great is exercise a couple times a week when, in fact, most celebrities have a small army of folks to make them sexy? When somebody who's commonly thought of as good looking says losing weight after her pregnancy was “simple and easy,” it can get a little irritating for the rest of us who can't afford unnecessary nanny time and have to work every day, leaving money for personal trainers and nutritionists nor time for intense workouts. Because of this, it's a little reassuring to know even those who are widely-recognized as “effortlessly beautiful,” such as the ever-sweet–not to mention super hot–Emma Stone, have to go a the extra mile for their beauty routines just like the rest of us have on occasian.

In an interview with Refinery 29, Stone revealed that she not only wears foundation every day (something I do not recommend but have been guilty of in the past), she also is curious about dermatology due to her own bad experiences:

“Yeah, I wear pretty strong SPF. I'm actually pretty interested in skin care, because I had bad hormonal acne when I was 17, and they put me on Accutane for it. After two months on the Accutane, I went off of it, and since then, my skin, my mouth, my lips, my eyes are all so dry. Then, I had stress acne when I was 20, when I did Easy A, which they kindly video-airbrushed out of the movie. But I realized how debilitating and embarrassing it can be to have cystic acne. So, I'm really interested in the biology of what makes up acne and how to work on it from the outside, too. Wait. Why am I talking about that? What did you ask?”

Though I'm admittedly not big on her acting, I've always found her incredibly pretty and have specifically noted the smoothness of her complexion as one of the most striking things about her, so this comes as surprising news. As soon as she mentioned Accutane, I wondered (as I always do when celebrities name a product by brand) if she was sponsored in some way, but then I realized I don't care too much either way.

I just think it's fantastic that she's admitting to having acne; so many of the teenagers who look up to her will be able to feel less distraught about their own skin issues, perhaps. Acne can be an incredibly debillitating issue with no easy solution, sometimes leading to depressed feelings, bullying and isolation. A celebrity admitting she had serious problems with her skin and that one of the films she looks gorgeous in actually airbrushed her complexion may be helpful to the confidence of those negatively impacted by acne. For that reason, high five, Stone!

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