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Behold: Super Healthy Wine (You’re Welcome)

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healthy red wine

You've probably heard that red wine can be good for your heart and your head, but an Australian biochemist has now developed a super-healthy red that's loaded with even more antioxidants than typical. The Brisbane-based scientist, Greg Jardine, says a patented group of antioxidant compounds used during the wine-making processes could make his new ‘health wine' a powerful tonic against ailments such as arthritis, chronic fatigue and other inflammation-related conditions.

“We take this antioxidant, which exists in tiny amounts in wine, to a level where it can actually do something,” he told AFP.

The antioxidant he's talking about would be resveratrol, a powerful plant chemical found in grapes that could be beneficial in preventing cognitive decline.

Previous attempts to ‘load up wine with antioxidants' usually made the wine taste undrinkable, said Jardine. But by making the antioxidants more fat-soluble (in order to be more easily absorbed by the body) the drink also becomes “surprisingly more palatable.”

“We haven't done anything outside of wine making,” he noted. “Our bottle of super dry is purely a red wine.”

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