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Recycle Last Year’s Fashion, Literally, With New H&M Effort

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Over those neon jeans you bought last spring? How about that colorblock bod-con skirt? (Yeah, I thought so.) Well, you can now feel good about getting rid of last year's fashions with a new H&M program. Beginning in February, the retailer will recycle used clothes you drop off at its stores, and even give you a discount on buying more stuff in the process.

Hmm, maybe that last part is a little more insidious … But at least the company is taking some responsibility for the fact that ‘fast fashion' — cheap clothes produced in poor countries and sold to the likes of trendy, spendy Western women — like the kind H&M thrives on is filling up landfills faster than we can ship all those outdated duds to (what one can only imagine are very sartorially confused) children in Africa.

In a statement, H&M said, “Any pieces of clothing from any brand and in any condition will be accepted. In return, the customer will receive a voucher for each bag brought. The collected clothes are then handled by H&M's partner, I:Collect, which provides the infrastructure in which consumer goods are repeatedly reprocessed and made available for new use.”