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Recipe Roundup: Jell-O Shots For Grown Ups

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shakin jelloLast weekend, I was having some late afternoon drinks with a couple buddies at a bar with a sweet patio. When I went inside to pick up another beer, I noticed that they had jell-o shots listed on the chalk board and they were cheap. So I got one and it was delicious and refreshing and only slightly embarrassing to slurp down. You may be thinking “jell-o shots are for sorority girls, date rapists and dumb babies” and you are not wrong. They are for all of those people, but they're also for everyone else who can tolerate gelatin treats and alcohol. While drinking in jelly dessert form might never be an elegant and adult thing to do, it can be a fun and novel way to get tipsy enough to shake your booty like it's  jell-o on a plate.

Try these 10 recipes for the most mature jell-o shots you can wiggle into your mouth: