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Real Talk: How Hard Is It To Get And Abuse Prescription Drugs?

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It seems like it should be difficult to get and abuse prescription drugs, but judging by some of this month's top stories—Dr. Conrad Murray‘s guilty verdict in the Michael Jackson death trials; Kim Richards‘ recent revelation that her prescriptions are making her seem drunk; new studies documenting the epidemic of death by prescription painkiller overdose—it's not. For all the debate over legalization of pot, we seem to have bigger fish to fry: Legal, doctor-prescribed drugs.

Pill-popping might seem like a hobby for tragic celebrities or wayward college students, but it's not: Several moms, grandmas, and high-functioning adults use (or have used) prescription drugs for an unintended use. Sometimes it just results in funny stories about a bad reaction, but it can also lead to accidental addiction and, in worst-case scenarios, death by overdose.

Still, for better or worse, we know a lot of people who have a love affair with pills that may or may not be “healthy.” And we're curious how they get their hands on their fix, when it needs to come through a qualified professional (actually, at least two, if you count the pharmacist) So we asked around for their stories about prescription drug abuse and how hard (or easy) it was to get an iffy prescription from an MD.

Here are a few of the responses we got.* Are you shocked? Do you have a story? Share, below. (Note: We wanted to just use a bunch of photos of Jessie Spano from Saved By The Bell, but we thought it would seem mean to single her out, so we settled for some visually descriptive stock photos. Get ready…)


*Published under pseudonyms for anonymity.

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