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Rashida Jones Dove Ad: Making Sure You Don’t Look Ugly While Working Out

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I really like Rashida Jones, and Dove has done a lot of body positive advertising (although the toxic ingredients in their products are a little less awesome for your body). So I feel a little dismayed that the two have teamed up to make an ad in which Jones stresses out about her frizzy hair during yoga. I know they have to make women believe that their hair needs some help, and Dove is the company that can provide it, but I just really hate the message that we should all be stressed out about looking sexy while we work out.

I'm know I'm supposed to be all “rah rah” for anything yoga, and any company that has a track record of creating body positive advertising campaigns, but really? I just wish that Jones, who says that she really does practice yoga, were depicted worrying about her hair and flirting with a guy in a place that makes more sense, like oh, say… on a date!