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10 Ingredients That Make Quinoa Exciting Again

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quinoaA few years ago, we were all so stoked on Quinoa. It felt like a new and exciting alternative to the other, more boring and played out grains like rice. It couldn't feel new and thrilling forever. Like a love affair gone stale, Quinoa's novelty has unfortunately started to ware off. At this point, any corn syrup guzzling rube can pronounce it correctly. Fear not, fellow quinoa lovers, the spark is not gone entirely. There are things you can add to your bowls of quinoa to spice things up. You and quinoa will feel like you're falling in love all over again.

Here are 10 things to add to your boring bowl of quinoa to make it more thrilling (in order of least to most exciting):

  1. Egg– Poach it, fry it, I don't care as long as you have some runny egg yolk to mix up in your grains. It takes any quinoa dish up a notch. Egg yolks, je t'aime.
  2. Sour Cream– Even the tiniest little pearl of sour cream will make your quinoa recipe infinitely more decadent.
  3. Cheese– Stir tiny shreds of cheese into a bowl of plain quinoa and it will be as yummy and comforting as all get out. I like to make cheesy quinoa with super sharp cheddar and leeks or scallions because it reminds me of these really gross cheese fries I used to devour with my friends in high school.
  4. Miso– I don't know how to say this, but when I put a little bit of miso paste and some flakes of seaweed in my quinoa, I feel both satisfied and accomplished.
  5. Avocado- If you weren't putting avocado in your quinoa before, no wonder you got bored.
  6. Fruit- Try sweet quinoa if you haven't already. Use a little milk (coconut, soy, cow's, condensed) and some fruit (any kind you want, though citrus is a little gross), then add honey or agave nectar maybe. It's so good and so new, like doing it in a new hole with an old lover.
  7. Arsenic– Ahhh. Just trying to keep you on your toes. Poison and grains don't go great together.
  8. Hot sauce– Any kind of hot sauce you like. Like most millennials, I'm a Sriracha fiend.
  9. Taco Ingredients- Oh yes, make your bowl of quinoa a fiesta.
  10. Pizza ingredients– Mozzarella, tomato sauce, a little basil and then whatever other toppings you like and you have PIZZA QUINOA.

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