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Quick ways to clean

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I love Karen's post on Spring cleaning! She is so great. So I thought I would give you my quick and dirty cleaning tricks for when you find your MIL is coming in 5 minutes. YIKES!! So here are my quick ways to make your house look like you have just spent hours cleaning.

  • Make some piles. Clutter free is the best way to make your home look clean.
  • Use those Lysol wipes, ladies. Wipe the countertops and toss.
  • Make sure you have wiped down your bathroom.
  • Use a disposable toilet bowl cleaner and wipe the hall bathroom toilet.
  • Make sure you have plenty of toilet paper.
  • Light some candles to make your home smells good.
  • Spray some Febreeze. I don't care how your house looks, if it smells like you have been cleaning, then your guests will think you did.
  • I have to confess to you … I have done this one. If you have 10 minutes, fill your sink with hot water and then pour a little Pine Sol in it. Drain it when you see your company pulling up. Stop laughing at me!
  • Get a basket or bucket and stick those toys in it to make it a little more clutter free.
  • Stick those dishes in the dishwasher. I have actually stuck dishes in the oven if I didn't have enough room in the dishwasher.

So what are your quick, down and dirty tricks for making your home look clean?