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10 Mini Workouts From Pinterest That Will Get You Moving

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mini pinterest workouts

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Pinterest is a surprisingly great resource in certain ways. It gets a lot of flack for being corny and ultimately useless, but there is some gold on there. Among the twee mason jar crafts and disturbing fitspo mantras, I've actually found some delicious healthy recipes and killer workout routines ready to pin.

Whether you're already a fitness junkie or just getting fit for the first time, sometimes all you need (or all you have time for) is a quickie workout. When that's the case, Pinterest is a fantastic site to peruse in order to find mini exercise sequences that have already been mapped out. I found 10 mini workouts that I'm definitely going to try. Most of these don't even require any fancy equipment–all you need is a little space and your body. If you're into these cute itty bitty workouts too, you can print these out or keep pictures of them on your phone so that you can have them handy whether you exercise at home or go to the gym.

Here are 10 mini workouts to get your moving:

1) Countdown Workout

2) The Hundred Workout

3) One Song Workout

4) Energizing Morning Stretches 

5) Lazy Girl's Workout

6) 5-4-3-2-1

7) Butt Moves

8) Sleepy Morning Workout

9) The “Anywhere” Workout10)  Before Your Shower Workout


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