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How To Eat Nothing But Pumpkin Foods For An Entire Day

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via pinterestWe've hit mid-November, but the faux novelty of pumpkin flavored everything has yet to ware off. The urge to make fun of the enthusiasm people have for pumpkin flavored everything is similarly long lasting.

Whether you're the kind who loves pumpkin so much you want to use a hallowed out pumpkin as an urn (festive), or the type that rolls your eyes at every adorably curly stemmed pumpkin (screw whimsy) this roundup is for you. You can either use it as a guide on how to only consume pumpkin products for the rest of your life or you can bubble up with rage over how far-out pumpkin-heads will go to get their fix.

How to eat nothing but pumpkin, a menu:


Morning Beverage– A pumpkin coffee drink is one option, but you could also do a pumpkin smoothie. It's up to you.

Breakfast– If you're die-hard, whip up some Pumpkin Pancakes, but a shake of pumpkin pie spice into oatmeal or chia seed pudding makes for an adequately pumpkin-y first meal.

Morning Snack– Grab a handful of pumpkin granola or a savory pumpkin snack bite for a satisfying hit of pumpkin between meals.

Lunch– Pumpkin quinoa anyone? You can stuff it into peppers and cover in it cheese or make it into little patty cakes, among other variations. If quinoa isn't your thing, try this pumpkin flatbread.

Afternoon Snack– Two words: pumpkin chips. The great pumpkin will also allow you to nosh on pumpkin seeds.

DinnerPenne with Creamy Pumpkin Sauce sounds fancy and fanciful, but I must admit that pumpkin chili sounds ridiculously cozy. A side of pumpkin mashed potatoes will also stick to your ribs.

Dessert– Pumpkin pie is for amateur hour, but pumpkin pie frozen yogurt separates the posers from the pious.

Alcoholic Beverage– Pick your pumpkin poison: Pumpkin cocktails, pumpkin beer, pumpkin shots, pumpkin wine, or pumpkin spirits.

Midnight SnackPumpkin candied popcorn will cure your insatiable late-night craving for pumpkin, it may even tide you over until your next feeding.