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Special Report: When Pubic Grooming Gets Dangerous

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pubic hair grooming

Great Scott, get ready to clutch your crotch with whatever hand isn't operating your mouse.

In the past decade (between 2002 and 2010), “pubic-hair grooming injuries which have landed people in the hospital increased fivefold.”

My first thought is that there should be no such thing as a pubic-hair grooming injury. Pubic hair grooming is not an activity that should be landing anyone in a hospital. I know there are a lot of folds down there and I know razors are indeed razor sharp, but a fivefold increase is just ridiculous. Can we please try to exercise some caution?

According to Refinery29, “83% of these injuries were related to the use of shaving razors” which means the remainder must have been related to other depilatory methods like waxing and epilators. Oh baby, I cannot even imagine how badly an epilator-related vulva contusion would hurt. I'm sure the injuries related to laser hair removal are less frequent, but more severe because lasers are freaking powerful.

We need to get it together and be safe about our hair removal. I'm talking to all of us, including me. I recently got a bikini wax and though I didn't waddle out of the Bliss Spa completely injured, there was noticeable trauma to my skin and a lasting soreness. Did I deserve this minor suffering? Possibly because I paid to have hot wax was poured all over this highly sensitive area and subsequently ripped off. After months of growing out my winter coat, I'd completely forgotten how fucking painful waxing is.

No one gives a damn what you do with your pussy pelt, but if you're going remove your pubes, you should recognize you are doing so partially due to internalized patriarchal pressures born of the porn industry (I do it for me, too and even I know that). We should not be mutilating ourselves for trendy pubic hairstyles. Do whatever you want, but for godssakes do it safely. Take your grooming seriously, dummies.

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