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Probiotics Can Help With Yeast Infections

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I suppose I should have made the connection before between yeast infections and probiotics, but it hadn't occurred to me until recently, when I came upon http://www.mycandidayeastsupport.com, that the two were related. Aha — add yeast infection prevention to the approximately infinite things that probiotics can be good for!

Oh, and p.s., boys — this is good information for you, too.

Though people tend to think of yeast infections as an exclusively female problem, they can affect men and women and occur in any part of the body. As holistic health author Michelle Winicki writes:

“Yeast infection is most commonly associated with women, because it occurs naturally in their vagina area and when it overgrows, itching and burning can occur. / Yet it grows on all of our skin and when it gets out of control, you get rashes… red flaky skin… athletes' foot… white spots in your mouth and many other symptoms”

All of that — yeast infections of the old break-out-your-Summer's-Eve variety, athlete's foot, ‘jock itch' — is related to the bacteria in our guts getting out of whack and multiplying. There are a lot of different things that mess up the bacteria balance — antibiotics, stress, a diet high in sugar and carbs.

“When your body is missing good microbes, the bad ones overtake your system and you begin running down as the yeast overgrowth runs wild,” writes Winicki.

Enter probiotics, to restore balance and, meanwhile, help boost your immune system, promote proper digestion, calm inflammation and, yes, prevent yeast infections. (I would link to previous posts we've done on probiotics and immune system, etc., there).

Make sure to visit http://www.mycandidayeastsupport.com to find out more about the issue.

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