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Prenatal Asprin Safe For Pregnancy

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To be honest I didn’t even know there was a prenatal baby aspirin you could take while pregnant. I guess there is though and many have worried that it would become

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harmful towards the pregnancy, however a new study has come out and says this is not the case.

Dr.Stephane Marret has come forward and stated that it is important to know everything mom takes during her pregnancy can effect the baby inside. Of course some things mom takes, such as vitamins and apparently prenatual baby aspirin may actually benefit them.


Doctors sometimes recommend baby aspirin to pregnant women at high risk for certain complications. Marret and colleagues assessed the outcomes of 656 infants born prior to 33 weeks of pregnancy to 584 women with pregnancy-related complications, such as high blood pressure, or kidney or immune problems. A total of 125 of these women took low-dose (baby) aspirin for about 12 to 13 weeks while pregnant, the researchers note in the journal Pediatrics.

As always, before taking any type of medication you should always consult with your baby before doing it.

Among the infants in the study, rates of stillbirth, neonatal death, brain bleeding, and brain injury were similar in baby aspirin-exposed and non-exposed groups.

After allowing for other associated social and medical factors, the researchers likewise noted no neurological impairments associated with low-dose aspirin exposure among the 341 children available for physical, neurological, and psychological examination at the age of 5 years.

Actually, Marret and colleagues saw a trend toward lesser rates of behavioral impairment among the children exposed to low-dose aspirin. Just 12 and 7 percent of this group had hyperactive and conduct problems, respectively, compared with 23 and 14 percent of those not exposed.