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Call The Pregnancy Police! Kim Kardashian May Have Eaten Sushi

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sushimikasakardashianSo this is what we're in for for the next seven months or so, huh? It seems folks are freaking out because the newly pregnant Kim Kardashian was seen – gasp! — leaving a sushi joint. And we all know that now that she's pregnant, every single thing she puts in her mouth is our collective societal concern.

Or .. no? Of course not, as I hope you all agree. Even if Kardashian was eating raw yellowtail wrapped in uncooked lunch-meat with a side of whiskey- and soft-cheese sauce it wouldn't be our business. Someone close to her might want to tell her that those aren't necessarily the best food and drink choices for a mother-to-be, but “close to her” is the operative phrase here (and FYI, paparazzo, we're not talking physical vicinity).

But the (so-obvious-I-hate-that-it-even-needs-to-be-made) point is that we have no idea WTF Kardashian was eating at the sushi restaurant she visited. She could have been having miso soup and a seaweed salad, or sweet potato tempura, or a gosh darn California roll, people. Sheesh! They do serve things at Japanese restaurants other than raw fish.

And if she did have sashimi? As Jacqueline Burt at The Stir writes: So what?

The truth is, pretty much everything in moderation is probably okay when you're pregnant. Yes, soft cheese (especially unpasteurized soft cheese) and deli meat can carry listeria, but they rarely do. Unfortunately, ANY food can carry ANYTHING (speaking of listeria, remember the deadly cantaloupe outbreak? Nobody saw THAT one coming!). Nothing is 100 percent safe.

As for caffeine and alcohol, should you cut back? Yeah, probably. Do you need to run screaming if somebody offers you a sip of their latte? No. No you don't. And neither does Kim Kardashian.

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