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Post-Workout Nutrition: When & What To Eat After The Gym

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Last weekend we covered what to eat before your workout, now let’s tackle the post-workout meal. If you think eating right after a workout will undo all your hard work, think again. Eating after a workout actually helps to repair your muscles and allows your body to take more out of the hard work you just put in at your workout.
It does matter when and what you eat though. Aim to eat within about 30 minutes of finishing your workout. And as for what you eat, make sure it is healthy (obviously) and a combination of protein and carbs with very little to no fat.
Here are my favorite post-gym snacks:


1 Piece of Whole Wheat Toast + Tuna + Lemon: Skip the mayo on this version. If you need a little more flavor, add in spicy mustard or a little bit of mashed avocado.

Turkey & Apple: Maybe sounds like a strange combo, but it’s actually quite tasty. You can also add cheese to this (or go for apple+cheese or turkey+cheese if the turkey/apple combo isn’t appealing).

Protein Shake: This is probably the ideal thing to eat post-workout. Your body can more easily digest liquids so if you can make it a liquid meal, go for it. For an easy shake, blend a banana with protein powder and almond (or skim) milk. If you’re on the go and can’t get to a blender, buy a shaker bottle  (like this one from Perfect Fit) which you can easily mix powder and water wherever you are. Maybe not as tasty as a smoothie but it will get you the proper protein you need.

Brown Rice + Veggies + Chicken Stir Fry: If you happen to finish your workout right before dinner, instead of a post-workout snack, go for a full meal. Brown rice, vegetables and chicken make for a nicely balanced meal.
What is your favorite post-workout snack?
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