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Portrait of A Goddess on a Spoolknitter: Oops!

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Yesterday, I stopped Jim in his tracks.

He was walking through the studio and he was gobsmacked by the image on my screen.


And then, I started to laugh!

A friend, Pam of Dream Come True Farms (Pam! What's your Url? I can't find it!), had made a felted doll. The doll is an homage to the Goddess of Wool, Lana. She sent me a picture of her, and asked me to draw and burn and paint an image of La Lana onto one of our Dancing Duchess Spoolie Knitting Looms.

What startled Jim was seeing an image on my screen, of a rather zaftig, voluptuos woolie lady in her all together……

And, no, I am not going to post a picture of her, as she is

‘quite' nekkid and this is a family friendly site.

I took a very modest picture of the drawing that I burned onto the Dancing Duchess that we made for Pam:


I am still chortling at Jim's astonishment.

I love to make him laugh.

You can see pictures of more Dancing Duchesses that we have made by clicking this url:


It's so ridiculously cold here that I think I will get my Dancing  Duchess out and knit myself some mittens! brrrrrrrrr

Winter! In October. phoo……. La Lana would have to get spinning if she was going to be staying here for long!

hugs all round,